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Posted on: September 18, 2023

City of Glens Falls Water & Sewer Department Receive Reports of Discolored Water


Press Release:


For Immediate release / 10:02PM September 16, 2023 


The City of Glens Falls Water and Sewer Department received reports this afternoon (September 16, 2023) of discolored water from various areas within the City.  The situation appeared to start in the afternoon in the freshwater distribution system, with reports from the Water Filtration Plant of spikes in usage at about 1:00 and 2:00 this afternoon, and then again around 4:00.  Higher flows within portions of the distribution system can have an impact on various other portions of the system, creating discolored water which, while no threat to human health, results from mineral particles that discolor the water.  

The water leaving the Water Treatment Plant is pure, treated water, but periodic excessive flows can result in the release of particles from the interior of drinking water pipes from the increased water pressure, resulting in water discoloration. This event is in no way related to the recent sewer main break on Glen Street, and in fact is not connected to the sewer system in any way.   As such, discoloration presents no threat to public health, and the water remains potable and safe to drink.   

While the event seems to have abated, if residents see discoloration, they are encouraged to let their water run from multiple faucets for approximately ten minutes, or until the discoloration disappears.   Residents or businesses who continue to have problems should contact the Water & Sewer Department Hotline at 518-761-3857.  

It should be noted that the City will be conducting a semi-annual flushing of the system, starting on the week of September 25th. This is a controlled flushing program and is intended to clean out any build-up within the city water mains and remove particles like those that precipitated this event.    

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