Hunting or Fishing License


The Glens Falls City Clerk's Office is an agent for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and sells resident and non-resident hunting and fishing licenses.

Resident Rates

In order to obtain any hunting or fishing license at resident rates, the applicant must show proof of New York State residence. Valid proof of residency includes a current driver's license, income tax form (W-2 or IT-201), or voter registration card. All forms of identification other than driver's license must be accompanied by a signed and completed residence affidavit statement, which is available at the City Clerk's Office.

Other acceptable forms of identification are 12 continuous months of utility bills, credit card bills, or bank statements. If unable to show proof of New York state residence, an applicant may purchase a hunting or fishing license at non-resident rates.

Hunting or Trapping Eligibility

In addition to showing identification, an applicant must show proof of proper hunting or trapping eligibility in order to obtain a hunting or trapping license. You will need to show proof of hunting / trapping eligibility with any previous license from any state or country from any previous year or a hunter training certificate. There is no eligibility requirement for those obtaining a fishing license.

The state also has requirements if an applicant is 17 year old or younger, please contact the Clerk's Office for details.