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License Information
Garage Sale Permit
The City of Glens Falls Code, Section 170 (special sales) - Article II (garage sales) require anyone conducting a garage sale, lawn sale, or any similar casual sale of tangible personal property to first obtain from the City Clerk a garage sale permit. The fee for the permit is $2, good for two consecutive sale days.

Peddling, Soliciting & Transient Merchants Licenses
Anyone wishing to conduct a transient retail business of any type must first obtain a license from the City Clerk. Should you wish to obtain a hawking / peddling, soliciting, or transient merchants license, as a first step in the process, please fill out the peddling, soliciting, and transient merchants license application.

When completed, please submit the form to the City Clerk's Office for processing. The City Clerk will inform you of the pertinent fees, exemptions (if applicable), and City code regulations. All transient retail licenses must be reviewed and approved by the chief of police and mayor before issuance of a license.

Additional License Information