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Posted on: May 19, 2017

Work on Ridge Street Infrastructure Project Set to Begin

GLENS FALLS - The sanitary sewer collection system on Ridge Street has reached the end of its useful life.  The existing clay piping is deteriorated and field observations have confirmed fractures, partial collapse, and deformation of the pipe.  Due to the current condition of the existing sewer and the multiple cross-connections between the sanitary and storm sewer on Ridge Street, the sewage collection system is subject to inflow and infiltration (I/I).  The I/I is then transported to the City’s wastewater treatment plant and during large storm events the excess flow from the wastewater treatment plant discharges to the Hudson River through a combined sewer overflow (CSO).

To address these issues, the City of Glens Falls has contracted with Kubricky Construction Corporation to replace and rehabilitate the existing sanitary and storm sewer systems on Ridge Street between the City line and Centennial Circle, including a portion of Maple Street.  The construction project will include the replacement and installation of storm sewer and the elimination of cross-connections with the sanitary sewer.  The existing sewer on Ridge Street will also be rehabilitated using a cured in place pipe lining system to minimize the amount of excavation required and reduce costs.  Attached is a figure showing the project area and proposed improvements.

Construction for this project is scheduled to begin the week of May 22nd and is expected to conclude in late November 2017.  The work will begin at the south end of Ridge Street at the Centennial Circle and extend north to the City line.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the City Engineer’s Office at 761-3850.

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