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Posted on: April 27, 2017

Glens Falls Works to Reduce Stormwater Pollution

The City of Glens Falls has strengthened its stormwater management program to reduce water pollution carried by municipal stormwater systems. Glens Falls has added more street sweeping, drain marking; pet waste stations; facility maintenance; system inspections; green infrastructure projects and stormwater planning.

Through these additional steps, Glens Falls joins in a nation-wide effort to reduce non-point source pollution, the single greatest source of pollution of our lakes, rivers and coastal waters.

One goal of the program is to inform and educate the public about the problem, steps being taken and ways to help. Learn more at www.cityofglensfalls

There are simple things property owners can do to help reduce runoff pollution. If you appreciate clean water, wildlife and the environment, it’s a matter of self-interest.

• Report illegal dumping at or near a Glens Falls storm drain - 518 761 3857;
• Dispose of pet, paint and petro waste properly;
• Limit pesticides and fertilizers -- use only phosphorus-free fertilizers if at all;
• Reduce impervious areas- use permeable surfaces where possible;
• Add a tree, planting bed or rain garden*;
• Edge sidewalks so puddles don’t form;
• Bag or compost leaves, curb lawn waste only during open periods, please.

* How-to at //

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