Controller's Office / Tax Collector

School Tax Notice of Glens Falls Common School District of the City of Glens Falls. Take notice that I, Susanne Kasitch, have received the Tax Warrant for the Collection of School Taxes for the above district. I will receive, without penalty or interest, all taxes that may be voluntarily paid to me within one month of this date at the City Controller's Office, City Hall, Glens Falls, N.Y.
Susanne Kasitch, City Controller  


The Glens Falls Controller's Office is primarily responsible for collecting City taxes, but has many other responsibilities including:

  • Assist independent auditors during annual audit
  • Collection for City, County, Crandall Library, bid, and school taxes
  • Collection of water / sewer bills
  • Enforce tax collection and processing delinquent taxes for collection and foreclosure
  • Issue accounts payable checks biweekly as directed by the Common Council
  • Maintain accounts of expenditures and revenues for all departments
  • Maintain general ledger accounts for all funds
  • Maintain record retention
  • Prepare and file New York State annual update report and other reports as required
  • Process in-house payroll
  • Provide tax searches and tax statements
  • Publishing due dates and tax information in the Post Star, as well as foreclosure notices and the delinquent tax list
  • Reconcile bank statements for all City accounts
  • Record actual expenses and revenues for all departments
  • Record fixed assets of City in conformance with GASB34
  • Responsible for bond issues and other financing arrangements
  • Responsible for the City department's IT needs
  • Schedule and process monthly late fees for City / County and school taxes
  • Technical assistance to all city departments and agencies regarding accounting policies and procedures